Welcome to the IMPETuS Lab! Directed by Dr. Anne Wilson, IMPETuS lab members investigate questions related to identity (at a personal, relational, and collective level) and motivation over time (past, present, and future). This broad focus lends itself to studying a diverse range of topics relevant to the subjective perception of self, relationships, groups, and society.

Dr. Anne Wilson | Social Psychology | WLU 

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Anne Wilson Identity Motivation and Perception Extended in Time and Society Lab

75 University Avenue West

Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3C5

Department of Psychology

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Phone: (519) 884-1970 x 2393

Email: awilsonlab@gmail.com

Lab Office: N2071B (Science Building)

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Phone: (519) 884-1970 x 3037

Email: awilson@wlu.ca

Dr. Wilson's Office: N2075A (Science Building)

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