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Podcasts and Videos

Wilfrid Laurier University's "Inspiring Conversations" Interview Series - Perceptions and Polarization: How Social Media Shapes Our Opinions. 

Dr. Juan S. Morales and Dr. Anne Wilson, Moderated by Andrew Dawson

Watch the full video here!

June 2023. Emotional Balance Sheet Podcast with Paul Fenner. Making Long-Term Decisions Despite Roadblocks (with Anne Wilson).


May 2023. People who read people podcast with Zack Ellwood. The illusions of memory and self, with Anne Wilson

Nov 2021. CBC Listen. Inappropriate Questions: Is “What are you going to do now?” good small talk?

December 2021. iHeart Radio & podcast describing political protest memories.

July 2021. I'm Lying About Myself. So Are You. Jason Feifer (with Anne Wilson).

July 2021. What pandemic nostalgia tells us about how memory works. The complex reality of remembering is anything but objective. Jesse Damiani (with Anne Wilson).

April 2021 COVID Nostalgia. Podcast with Jason Feifer Build For Tomorrow

March 2021. Political polarization during a pandemic: Q and A with Laurier psychology expert Anne Wilson. Wilfrid Laurier University.

December 2020. Two Psychologists Four Beers Podcast. Sexism and Racism on Campus (with Anne Wilson).

May 2020 The current with Matt Galloway. How we perceive time in lockdown.

December 2018. Two Psychologists four beers. How Polarized Are We? (with Anne Wilson).
The Psychology of Tribalism | Feb 02, 2018 |

2019. Victoria Parker*. Diverging Definitions: The Consequences of Defining “Feminism” Differently.

2018. Victoria Parker*. The Great Political Divide: Reality and Illusion? Laurier 3 Minute Thesis Presentation.

2017. Relationship Matters Podcast, Episode 74. On relationship history, satisfaction, and psychological time

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