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Free Speech Advocates Are Often Hypocrites. This Doesn't Make the Cause Less Important. (al-Gharbi, 2023)

Science has a censorship problem (al-Gharbi & Clark, 2023)


America's partisan divide is greatly exaggerated (The Washington Post, 2022)

Why we romanticize the past (Lieberman, 2021)


Political polarization during a pandemic: Q and A with Laurier psychology expert Anne Wilson (Laurier News Hub, 2021)

Social media fuelling divisiveness when it comes to vaccines, says prof (CBC News, 2021)

Why Groundhog Day feels like the perfect symbol of our pandemic year (McKinley, 2021)


Is 'What are you going to do now?' good small talk? (CBC News, 2021)

The big idea: Are we really so polarized? (Packer & Van Bavel, 2021)

Why we define ourselves by our jobs (Morgan, 2021)

'False polarization' endangering democracy (McKnight, 2021)

Tips for setting, keeping resolutions during pandemic (Smith, 2021)

Lost all sense of time? Here’s why it’s happening during lockdown (Young, 2020)

What Causes a Vicious Cycle of Polarization, and How Can It Be Reversed? (Niyazov, 2020)

Why It’s So Hard to Remember What Day It Is During a Short Workweek (Bucklin, 2017)

Short work week feeling extra long? You're not alone — and here's why (Pinto, 2018)

'Kitchen thinking' can make a fight with your partner worse without saying anything out loud (Business Insider, 2017)

Expert panel including Laurier Professor Anne Wilson releases recommendations for national funding of science research (Laurier News, 2017)

Science explains why your partner is obsessed with that one bad thing you did (Broadly, 2016)

Past misdeeds haunt relationships when they feel recent, study finds​ (Waterloo News, 2016)

Most Employees Feel Authentic at Work, but It Can Take a While (Harvard Business Review, 2016)

We're more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses than we think: study (CBC News, 2016)

Federal government appoints Laurier Professor Anne Wilson to prestigious panel reviewing national funding for science (Laurier News, 2016)

Panel to review federal funding for university-based scientific funding (The Globe and Mail, 2016) 

Laurier Psychology Professor Anne Wilson offers insight into how to achieve New Year’s resolutions (Laurier News, 2015)

Be it resolved, it’s that time of year (ObserverXtra, 2015)

When people change their beliefs about change (Blog of SPSP, 2015)

'Giving' also means giving yourself a break from criticism (United Way, 2015)


A voice for a new generation (The Cord, 2014)


Laurier professor selected to join Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists (Laurier News, 2014)


Harness Your Mind's 'Future Self' Bias To Make Better Decisions (Association for Psychological Science, 2014)


Why We Procrastinate (Nautilus, 2014)


Soccer fever epidemic runs through bay area workplaces (Tampa Bay Times, 2014)


Watching the World Cup: Viewing parties at work might be good for business (CTV News, 2014)


Ending gender stereotypes in toys (CBC News, 2014)


Meet Future You. (Now be nice.) (The Boston Globe, 2013)


All in the head: Why the return trip always seems shorter (USA Today, 2011)


Pull Up a Chair (Scientific American, 2011)


Beauty can be a beast (The Record, 2011)


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