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Honours Thesis Students

Please contact Dr. Anne Wilson by email if you are interested in doing your honours thesis (PS499) or a directed studies (PS490) with her.


Please include:


1. Your unofficial transcript.

2. A brief statement of your reasons for doing a thesis/ directed studies project (future goals, etc).

3. A brief statement of the research topics that interest you and how they fit with Dr. Wilson’s research directions.


It is strongly recommended that you read some of Dr Wilson’s recent publications to get a clearer sense of the research and methodology. You are NOT expected to have a clearly defined research proposal – this is often best developed in collaboration with your supervisor.


Inquiries directed to Dr. Wilson should relate directly to potential supervision; administrative questions should be directed to the Psychology Department staff. 



Thesis PS499 - Course Description


Thesis PS499 - Application Process - 2016-2017


Thesis PS499 - Application Form - 2016-2017


Directed Study/ Special Topics PS490 - Form

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