Mini Demos: Future Self

We have posted some simple videos that demonstrate some of the phenomena of interest to IMPETuS lab. These videos are posted to provide a sampling of interesting ideas presented in an accessible way. Our posts are not meant to convey endorsement of all video content or the sponsors of the videos.

Your Future Self​


"It can be hard to feel motivated to plan for the future. A recent study showed why: your brain is wired to see your future self as a stranger. The good news is, now that we understand this tendency, we can do something about it."

I'll Do It Later


"Ever feel like you just can't get stuff done? It might not be your fault. Studies show our brains get fatigued from all the little decisions we make every day. So what happens if we take a break? Could procrastination actually make us more productive?"

The Pain of Saving


"Studies show that our brains register the loss of money as actual, physical pain. So when money disappears from our paycheck and goes into our retirement account, it hurts. So how can we offset that pain?"

The Optimism Bias Experiment


"We hosted a seminar to tell people about the human tendency to be overly optimistic about the future. They thought they were just there to listen—they didn’t realize they’d be part of it."